Russian and American women in business: similarities and differences

Опубликовано: 21.02.2019
Российские и американские женщины в бизнесе: сходства и различия

Russian and American women in business: similarities and differences

Russian business ladies in many ways resemble their overseas colleagues. There are some differences, but more similarities, and perhaps the most important of them – the difficulties that women have to overcome on the path to success in their careers. After all, business is a world of men, and women who risked putting themselves on par with them, you need to keep the mark no matter what.

A typical American businesswoman plays a role, without losing ease and ease. She carries a huge amount of work, while not forgetting to go to the gym in her spare time.

The portrait of a successful woman in business is still not the same in both countries. Russian business women, in comparison with the American, do not look so healthy and happy. Differences between the way of life and thoughts in Russia and America are enough, they did not ignore the businesswomen of these countries.

So, many women work in both countries. Our compatriots do not lag behind the American example for imitation practically not a single step. They try very hard to be the best in this non-business. And very often they succeed. Russian business women no less than Americans want to be evaluated on the same scale as men, not giving indulgence. And, of course, they tend to take risks, which usually justifies themselves. They confidently achieve their goal and occupy leading positions in the traditional and network business.

Sport and Healthy Holidays

But at the same time Russians often do not go in for sports on weekends, unlike American women, for many of them, plus to the increased workload, have bad habits – they do not avoid alcohol and cigarettes. They eat businesswoman in America, too, better than ours. But the time for sleep is not left neither for those nor for others. It is known that lack of sleep harms women much more than men, reducing the effectiveness of their work and leading to health problems.

A family

Relations of a family nature also have their differences in America and Russia. So, American women do not take to advertise the fact that they have children, and Russian mothers who lead a business life, on the contrary, deserve more respect. In America, a woman with a child who has not left business can be discriminated against. The opposite sex and career of American women are also on opposite sides of the barricades, and in Russia couples often work together. In the US, this can only be seen among married couples of retirement age, and young Americans do not like to mix business and personal life. Russians, on the contrary, appreciate the opportunity to support each other in everything.


Another difference between American women and Russian women in business is the manner of dressing. For an American business woman, appearance is certainly important, but not so much as for Russian. Successful Russians consider external glossing to be self-promotion, and aspire to create an image with their designer clothes for their business. And Americans are trying to look good, but at the same time strictly, so as not to stand out among business men.

But is it worth to focus on the similarities and differences of these women, when one thing is clear: they conquer the sphere in which men were the main ones before. Our business ladies over the past decade have made significant progress in small business, have taken leadership positions in serious companies and have not stopped at what has been achieved.

Of course, Russia is not America, however, and the economy here is less stable and successful than in the US, so women who want to be at the helm need to be ready to fight, and dreaming for hours goes by a lot. But this is the peculiarity of the character of the Russian beautiful half of humanity – our women are accustomed to cope with any obstacles and not give up at the most difficult moments.

There are examples of women who have achieved success in Russia and abroad. In the same America, you can name at least two such representatives of the “weaker sex”: Tatiana Varzar, who owns two restaurants in major cities of the United States – New York and Miami, both establishments in good standing with clients, and Natalia Orlova, A network of shops “Trade House St. Petersburg”.
At home, the list of known business people is somewhat longer. This is Nadezhda Kopytkina, who founded the Ledovo group of companies, which holds one of the leading positions in the Russian market, or Lyubov Simonova-Emelyanova from Almaz Capital Partners. In this list there may be many more names of women who have succeeded in the business world. And who knows what they had to sacrifice for this – after all, traditional women’s duties were not canceled: the beautiful sex was created primarily for caring for the family, the main thing about children. And if a woman does not even have time to sleep, it is unlikely that she will be given enough time, so few can manage to combine a dizzying career and a happy family. So you have to choose one thing.

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